An Artful Beauty

An Artful Beauty, by Ashley Hughes

Her hair is blond. Her lipstick is red. She is wearing white like a white pearl in her not so otherwise white apartment space. Neither the darkness nor the smoke that lingers here can hide its dirty and destitute walls, floorboards and untidy bed. It […]

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The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss, by Peter Walker

Our pasts, presents and futures are made up of people. Only a select few have a noticed significance in our lives but there are billions of people on this planet searching for one thing: pleasure. Whether pleasure is a companion, light relief, or love, the […]

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Bygone Days

Bygone Days, by Vania Flaccomio

Memories are completed past events that are permanent and unchangeable, in contrast to present life and the future where everything is temporary. We shouldn’t dwell on memories as everything around us is changing. Nostalgia as we know it today is defined as beautiful and wistful. […]

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